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If an outlet is not certified but good appearing Muslims are seen consuming from that particular outlet, does it not mean that it is Halal?


Primarily, it is the policy of HMC not to comment on non certified products or non certified outlets as it does not monitor their products. HMC can only comment on products and outlets that are monitored and inspected by HMC.

However, it is worth mentioning that in many cases the outlets proprietors themselves (let alone the consumers) are not aware of the corrupt slaughter practices and the problematic issues in the industry. They merely place their trust in the covering package plastered with ‘Halal’. It is a fact that the word Halal has become the most abused word and can be used on anything by anyone at anyplace. Therefore, ‘good appearing Muslims’ seen consuming at particular outlets generally does not prove anything. The Shar’i obligation still remains to investigate further (individually or collectively).

What is even more worrying is that some outlets had displayed letters and notices verifying the Halalness of their products and upon enquiry it was discovered that their ‘certification standards’ included the acceptability of stunning, mechanical slaughter and even non recitation of Bismillah! Subhanallah, all the conditions of Halal abandoned and then not only labelled ‘Halal’ but verified and certified as ‘Halal’! So now according to them what remains Haram?

It is time that all, ‘good appearing Muslims’, scholars, students, brothers, sisters, butchers, outlets and suppliers get together and assist each other in the campaign of cleaning up the market and providing genuine Halal products. According to a research the statistics show that over 90% of Halal labelled meat and poultry in the UK is in actual fact, doubtful. It is time to wake up!