About HMC

About HMC

HMC was established to help ensure that all Muslims could be confident that the meat and products they consume are ‘genuinely Halal’. The HMC organisation is an independent, not for profit, registered charity which monitors, inspects and certifies Halal products for the benefit of the Muslim community.

Today, HMC is the most trusted organisation in the UK with the support of over 600 Mosques due to the rigid processes in place to ensure transparency of Halal products. Our high standards of Halal can be reflected by the repeated number of checks in place from the slaughterhouse to the outlets.

Nadeem Adam of HMC says, “HMC has one main aim, we want all Muslims to be confident and be assured, that the meat they are eating is genuinely Halal. It is one of the most important tenets of our Faith without which our actions and our prayers are at risk and said to remain unanswered”.

HMC’s monitoring system costs the industry less than 2p per chicken or 2p per kilo of meat. A small price to pay, to ensure that the food you consume is genuinely Halal. Working in support of all Muslims; consumers, retailers and suppliers.

This is done via rigorous inspections, labelling, and assurance rules for food which are regularly monitored by trained HMC inspectors. By choosing Meat & Poultry which has been through a clear system and verified at each point of the supply chain, all Muslims can be sure that the food passing their mouths is truly Halal. HMC employs people in the capacity of inspectors and monitors, who work to operate the unique HMC monitoring system in a number of UK towns and cities on a daily basis.

HMC also works with a number of abattoirs and processing plants in the UK/Ireland and further afield. These suppliers work under HMC criteria and inspection and are constantly monitored. In addition, HMC monitors many UK retail outlets (butchers, restaurants/takeaways) on a regular daily basis – truly a comprehensive monitoring system.

HMC Organisation and Structure

This section describes the structure of HMC and its Governance structure. HMC consists of a core organisation which is supported by a number of additional and support groups that include the Executive Committee, Local Area Groups and HMC Shari’ah Board. This is further described below.

HMC Organisation
HMC employees a number of staff working as inspectors, monitors or working in central administration roles. This consists of:

  • Head Office staff at head office covering HR, Finance, Administration and Management.
  • Field Inspectors who work at abattoirs, processing plants and manufacturing plants.
  • Monitors who audit outlets including butchers, restaurants/takeaways and schools.

These staff are employed by HMC to undertake these duties on a full or part-time basis as appropriate.

The Executive Committee (EC) Members
HMC is governed by an independent board of elected members comprising of mainly Islamic Scholars and other individuals – referred to as the Executive Committee (EC). The board’s focus is to provide spiritual and Islamic guidance on all HMC matters. The EC act as a governing body to HMC and all work on a voluntary and unpaid basis. They meet on a quarterly basis to review and provide guidance on all aspects of HMC.

The Local Area Groups (LAGs)
The LAG consists of supporters and volunteers in each city and town that HMC operates. It plays a significant role in the promotion of HMC at a local level within its community, including liaison with key stakeholders, Mosques, outlets and the general public. LAGs provide this service to the Muslim community without charge so that their city and town can obtain the assurance of Halal for their families and children.

The Shari’ah Board
The Shari’ah Board consists of a group of learned Mufti’s and Scholars who are independent of HMC. Matters are referred to the Board when required to obtain specific religious and spiritual guidance on matters of Halal and Haram (non-Halal).

HMC Affiliation and Memberships
HMC is a recognised and established certifier as well as an active member of the Halal Steering Group at EBLEX (English Beef and Lamb Executive). HMC is also a member of the Muslim Council of Britain.

Key Facts

The Halal Monitoring Committee (HMC UK) is an independent, non-profit, registered charity organisation whose main aim is to certify the production of genuine Halal food. HMC complies with the UK Laws for food production as well as Islamic dietary compliance Laws.

HMC’s strength comes from:

  • Scholarly support from around the UK
  • The universally acceptable Halal criteria adopted by HMC
  • Support from 600+ UK mosques
  • Continuous monitoring and inspection system
  • Grassroots marketing
  • Continuously maintained and updated website
  • Varied membership including people from diverse Muslim denominations

All to bring you Halal to your doorstep with confidence! Alhamdu-Lillah.

HMC Accounts and Transparency

HMC operates in a transparent manner and in compliance with rules and guidelines of UK Charities Commission and Companies House. Our accounts are available from the Charities Commission websiteCompanies House website or available for viewing at the HMC Office.

HMC is operated for the benefit of the Muslim Community and with no personal gain to any individual or group. Our accounts are independently audited and signed off by our accountants in compliance with UK Law.

Which country does your chicken originate from?

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