HMC Criteria for Halal

In defining an approach and standard for Halal, HMC has adopted a universal set of criteria that is accepted by all.

HMC will only operate in EU approved licensed Abattoirs when supervised by a qualified vet from Meat Hygiene Services (MHS). Under UK Law the MHS has legal responsibility for animal welfare, health and hygiene issues. Their stamp is legal requirement required to declare meat “fit for human” consumption. HMC will not work with any plants that are not EU approved.

In addition, HMC will supervise compliance with Halal Standards – something that the MHS does not undertake. HMC supervises all Halal production to ensure compliance with HMC’s Halal criteria and including checking that all slaughtermen are practising Muslims holding a valid slaughter license. HMC have a unique labelling system in place which is implemented from the point of slaughter onwards to ensure maximum transparency, allowing HMC products to be accepted globally without contention.

HMC Halal Criteria

The following describes some of the key criteria for Halal adopted by HMC:

  • Animal is alive and healthy prior to slaughter (also correct species of animal)
  • Mandatory recitation of Tasmiyah by a Muslim slaughter man (blessing) on each animal
  • Swift and humane incision rendering the animal insensible to pain (Hand Slaughter).
  • Compliance check ensuring 3 of the 4 main vessels are cut

In addition, all meat is labeled and sealed (where appropriate) and checks for cross contamination are made.

The HMC System

The HMC system is based on very clear and defined procedures to ensure all products are genuinely Halal. It is more than just checks at the slaughterhouse. HMC also monitors restaurants and butchers to validate that they only sell HMC meat that can be traced back using its unique serialised labels. This is supported by active monitoring of outlets by trained monitors on an almost daily basis.

An outlet is only considered to be “Certified” when they agree to purchase and supply products which have been vetted by HMC’s robust system and allow for active monitoring of their premises.