Support HMC

HMC relies on your continued support to grow and make a difference for the protection of Halal in the UK. Everyone can make a difference in support of HMC. Go on – take the next step!

Make Duas for HMC

Your duas and support are needed for the continued growth of HMC. Remember us in your next prayers.

Donate and make a difference.

Donate online. You can make single or recurring payments to HMC

Organise an HMC Event in your town and city

Please contact us to let us know the details of where you can organise an event and HMC will provide Event Support with guest speakers and multi media presentations.

Create a Local Area Support Group (LAG)

Create a LAG who are prepared to campaign and support the growth of HMC in your area. This is a critical function in the development of HMC.

Volunteer some time or your professional experience.

We are always looking for Brothers and Sisters to provide their expertise in the further development of HMC. Please contact us with details of your experiences that you can add to the HMC organisation.