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Today HMC has certified its first Halal pet food which will be available at a store near you in the […]
A recent study that was conducted by Bristol University into the Halal meat market attained responses from 250 Muslims into […]
With the entire globe having been impacted by COVID19 this has had severe impacts within the food supply chain.  We […]
Download and print our HMC meal planner here.
With the recent outbreak of Coronavirus COVID19, the demand for Halal meat has increased where the average customer for example […]
HMC has been inundated for clarity regarding messages that are being circulated across the Country offering a “HMC certified home […]
It has come to our attention that a number of unregulated (not certified by HMC) butchers/restaurants/takeaways have placed signs within […]
HMC for the past several years has been conducting random laboratory checks with products that it certifies to ensure they […]
The Halal Monitoring Committee would like to make the public aware of the ongoing issues within the Halal industry. Over […]
HMC has recently been inundated by members of the public asking about a recent visit made by Islamic scholars to […]