First HMC certified Halal cat food available in the UK

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Today HMC has certified its first Halal pet food which will be available at a store near you in the coming months. 

HMC was established to help ensure that all Muslims could be confident that the meat and products they consume are ‘genuinely Halal’.

Hurayra offers three delicious flavours – Tuna, Ocean Fish, and Chicken – each formulated with essential nutrients such as Vitamin A, D, and E, to support a healthy immune system and help protect against infection, along with minerals to keep their coat shiny and smooth.

To celebrate its launch  Hurayra pet foods is giving the first 500 cat owners who register their interest on the website a free Hurayra bowl. 

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HMC is the UK’s largest Halal certifying body, employing over 220 people. Last month alone, HMC staff spent 12,000 hours to ensure your food is genuinely Halal with 13,000 visits made to outlets nationwide. It is a registered charity and also a not for profit organisation. It is overseen by a voluntary body, the National Executive Committee that consists of mainly scholars who are the Trustees of the organisation. HMC has been set up to work in the favour of all Muslims and the consumer at large. HMC aims to regulate and at every point inspect Halal products from source to the consumer. HMC is committed to serving the Muslims and the wider community and it intends to provide peace of mind and security where required.

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