HMC held its annual employee event in Leicester where over 120 employees attended the gathering.  The purpose of the event […]
HMC was honoured to have met with the leadership and over 150 students at Darul Uloom Leicester (Islamic Seminary) to […]
Great news! You have asked for it and we have delivered. The HMC mobile app is arriving in the coming […]
HMC for the past several years has been conducting random laboratory checks with products that it certifies to ensure they […]
We are pleased to announce that HMC (UK) has been approved by the Gulf Accreditation Centre (GAC) which will now […]
HMC – New Website Launch After months of design and development, we are pleased to announce the launch of our […]
As the celebration of Eid-ul-Adha draws near, many Muslims are already placing Qurbani orders with butchers countrywide in preparation of […]
Recently as you will be aware, HMC has moved on to certifying processed consumables, which means such products have undergone […]
HMC has trained over 100 of its inspectors and monitors in L2 Food Safety. This intensive course allows the trainee […]
Earlier this year, the Daily Mail published an article about pork hidden in donner kebabs. Whilst this story highlights the […]