HMC launches the most advanced monitoring technology system to safeguard Halal

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Earlier this year, the Daily Mail published an article about pork hidden in donner kebabs. Whilst this story highlights the issue of contamination in the supply of Halal, it is not a surprise to those in the industry. UK laws seem impotent to protect Muslims from the dangers of rogue meat suppliers and hence Haram food is entering our supply, may Allah protect us.

This story re-enforces why HMC is so important to the Muslim community.  HMC inspects, tracks, traces and monitors the production of all HMC meat from “farm to fingers” for the benefit of the Muslim community.  However, HMC has not stopped here…..!

HMC Introduces Technology Innovation for Halal

HMC has completed the pilot of the most advanced system for monitoring the 550+ outlets it visits almost on a daily basis across the UK.   Haji Siddik, Manager of this project says “It was becoming much harder to manage and control the daily monitoring and reporting from each shop in 35 cities in the UK.  Now with the launch of the HMCAPP (patent pending) we can instantly track the monitoring of all our shops within seconds using an iPhone and cloud based system developed exclusively for HMC.

“This system has completed trials in 15 cities and will make the HMC system the most advanced for monitoring of Halal in the world”, says Haji.

Molana Suleman at HMC says, “It is important we stay ahead and develop systems and technologies to safeguard our Halal supply.  As the Daily Mail story indicates we have to remain vigilant to protect our food supply”.

HMC employs over 65 monitors, who each will use the HMCAPP to record and log real time Halal information via the internet.  It will provide information to the HMC National Centre, so they can quickly monitor and track issues in real time.  The system uses the latest cloud based technology and iPhone App developed byAmarCo, who stated “The development has been scaled and tested to support the growth of HMC into the next decade. An advanced system that will drive efficiencies and reduce costs”.

With your continued support, HMC has set the foundation for Halal protection for us all and our children’s future.  Alhamdu-Lillah, please continue to support HMC.

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