HMC Response to KFC & Stunning

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HMC has recently been inundated by members of the public asking about a recent visit made by Islamic scholars to a poultry slaughterhouse.

The scholars who attended are not affiliated with HMC and did not make the visit on behalf of HMC. HMC does not certify KFC and therefore cannot comment fully on their supply chain. We understand some KFC branches are certified Halal by the Halal Food Authority (HFA) and the poultry produced is stunned and hand slaughtered. 

All questions related to the products and branches should be forwarded to HFA.

HMC since its inception has not accepted stunning/mechanical slaughter/gassing of animals based on advice from scholars.

HMC has also adopted a unique monitoring system whereby it monitors at each stage in the supply chain ensuring that the products meet with the HMC standard at all times.

HMC personnel are present at every abattoir everyday where their certified production takes place. HMC monitors continue to make regular random visits (4 times a week) at the outlets to ensure products are HMC certified.

With a global Halal supply chain in place, where halal labelled products are imported from all over the world, it is the monitoring and inspection that stands HMC out from all other certification systems and instils confidence into the purchases being made by Muslims. 

We urge Muslims to take a look at some of the Halal Food Fraud that has taken place over the past several years in the Halal supply chain and what HMC does to combat such practices – About HMC.

We encourage Muslims to be cautious when purchasing and consuming Halal foods as it is a religious obligation upon us all.

In an ideal world there is no need for certification, as ones word would speak for itself, however with food fraud prevalent in the global supply chain, trusted certification is needed to help consumers.


HMC is the UK’s largest Halal certifying body, employing over 220 people. Last month alone, HMC staff spent 14,448 hours to ensure your food is genuinely Halal with 15,488 visits made to outlets nationwide. It is a registered charity and also a not for profit organisation. It is overseen by a voluntary body, the National Executive Committee that consists of mainly scholars who are the Trustees of the organisation. HMC has been set up to work in the favour of all Muslims and the consumer at large. HMC aims to regulate and at every point inspect Halal products from source to the consumer. HMC is committed to serving the Muslims and the wider community and it intends to provide peace of mind and security where required.

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