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Is it only the aspect of stunning which HMC monitors, and are abattoirs that do not apply stunning methods automatically considered suitable for HMC approval and certification?


Stunning is not the only problem which confronts the Halal meat industry. There are many conditions and requirements of slaughter which if not adhered to can render it Haram. As well as ensuring that animals are not stunned, therefore, the HMC certification system also constantly monitors at the site of slaughter that animals are manually slaughtered, the slaughtering is done by a Muslim, the slaughterer verbally mentions the name of Allah on each slaughter, all the necessary veins are cut, no cross-contamination of non-certified meat/poultry or their parts takes place, the temperature of the dip tank remains within a certain level, etc. Since the only way to ascertain that all of these conditions are met is by physical monitoring, HMC approval and certification can only be accorded where that has taken place. Unfortunately, there are many places where due to the speed of the killing line or some other reasons, some of the above conditions are not met which can render some or all products non Halal.