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What were the problems which led to the formation of HMC?


The Halal Monitoring Committee has found many instances where: the verbal recital of the Tasmiyah had been omitted; the stunning had killed the animal before slaughter; the minimum required amount of vessels had not been severed; living animals had found their way into the de-feathering tank to be killed in the scalding hot water, which can also cause the innards to explode even in the killed animals. All of these situations render the animal Haram*.

HMC aims to eradicate all such circumstances which can result in what was supposed to be Halal meat turning into dead, Haram meat by having HMC approved, trained inspectors who are educated in the relevant fields of Islamic Jurisprudence present at the time of the slaughtering. HMC wishes to implement a rigid set of protocols and regulations to ascertain a total doubt-free environment.