Pimlico Confectioners Ltd

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Pimlico Confectioners Ltd

Fizzy Jelly Range (Gelatine)

Fizzy Mix Pencils (Gelatine Free)

Fruit & Vegan - Vegetarian Jelly Range (Gelatine Free)

Jelly Babies (Gelatine)

Liquorice Pencils (Gelatine Free)

Oil Jelly Range (Gelatine)

Oily Mix Pencils (Gelatine Free)

Rainbow Belts (Gelatine Free)

Vegetarian Blackberry Bonbons (Gelatine Free)

Vegetarian Wine Gums (Gelatine Free)

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Certificate Expires : 23/05/2022

The Address

Unit 6-A, Kay Brow Complex, 40 Kay Brow, Ramsbottom,

Lancashire, BL0 9AY