Inspector – Warwick

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Position Title:

HMC Inspector

Reports To: Plant Line Manager

Job Role: To ensure HMC certified Slaughtering, Cutting & Processing Plants are complying with standards in relation to the provision of Halal foods. In addition the successful candidate will audit the process within the academic institutions and production facilities and approve & certify the products in question.

Salary & Hours

Zero hour contract. Remuneration will be UK minimum wage and travel mileage at 28 pence per mile after deduction of the first 6 miles.

Main Duties of an Inspector

Main Duties of an Inspector includes the following:

(Detailed Description can be found in the table below)

  1. Inspection/Supervision throughout
  2. Documentation
  3. General
  4. Customer care

Main Duties

Inspection /Supervision

a. Adhere to the Inspection procedures and systems as specified within the HMC Process Document.

  1. To be punctual to ensure that the plant in question is adhering to the halal criteria as specified by HMC
  2. To inspect/supervise each plant thoroughly
  3. Establish source and products that are approved
  4. Ensure all equipment is checked including fridges, freezers, display cabinets, equipment, freezer vans and all other storage areas.
  5. Ensure all products and certification devices are applied/placed correctly before leaving the plant.
  6. To ensure all inspections are carried out courteously in cooperation with all staff.


a. Ensure documentation is completed in line with the Inspection procedures and systems.

b. Ensure that the certified plant has all the relevant documentation in relation to HMC products on site.

c. Ensure time sheets and Inspection logs are completed and submitted to Head Office on a regular and timely basis.

d. To be able to keep a track of HMC’s certification devices and be able to reconcile/audit its usage and maintenance of associated equipment.


a. To avoid confrontation and deal with disputes in a calm and rational manner and in consultation with the HMC Head Office.

b. Work closely and collaboratively with the Local Area Group (LAG).

c. Liaise with local plants/organisations and communities to raise the profile of HMC.

d. To liaise with HMC head office and provide weekly/daily Inspection updates.

e. To undertake any other tasks and duties that may be reasonably requested by Line Manager.

Customer Care

a. To provide the best level of customer care to all stakeholders of HMC.

b. To have a clear understanding of what customer service is.

Person Specification



Good understanding of how to email

Understands how to communicate via different medians


Willing to be trained on internal and external training programs

Method of Assessment

Interview & Application Form

Education & Training


Knows how to fully utilise android or IOS phones

Awareness of the importance of Halal


Can speak fluent English

Willing to be trained on internal and external training programs

Health & Hygiene trained to Level 2

Method of Assessment

Interview & Application Form

Relevant Experience


Experience at working within the community

Experience with dealing with sensitive issues

A Clear understanding of how ritual slaughter (Zabiha) is carried out


Experience of working in the food industry

Method of Assessment

Interview & Application Form



Good Interpersonal and communication skills

Has the ability to work as part of a team and own initiative

Has a “can do” attitude



Self Sufficient

Must be able to contribute own skills to the role

Be a practising Muslim

Method of Assessment

Interview & Application Form

Practical Skills


Has Ability to undertake administrative tasks efficiently

Can follow orders through to completion



Has a full UK drivers licence

Eligible to work in the UK

Vacancy Details

Area : Warwick

Type : Full Time

Job Length : Permanant Position