Establishing monitoring activities in local areas

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People generally ask as to when HMC’s monitoring activities are expected to expand to a certain town or city.  We would like to inform and encourage such concerned Muslims to strengthen the nominal working group at HMC in fulfilling this obligation by contacting HMC and helping to establish monitoring activities in their local areas as outlined by HMC guidelines.  It is strongly advised not to wait for HMC to come over as this is not in their present capacity.  Please do contact us if you are seriously considering certification process in your area for further information and help.

We would also like to point out that at places where the local outlets are not yet monitored, concerned consumers should demand for certified (labelled / stamped) products for their assurance.  Outlets can then ask their suppliers to join the system due to the demand and source certified products which are already available.

Finally, we would like to ask Muslims to stay extra vigilant due to on going cheats in the meat trade in particular where shortages in poultry occurs and Haram poultry floods the market at such times, and are then supplied to local outlets to meet the consumer demand.  Outlets and consumers are made to believe that they are from the normal source and there is no way to spot the difference as they are not labeled.  Therefore, please take extra care particularly where local shops are not monitored and certified.

May the Almighty enable us to consume Halal and abstain from Haram. Ameen.

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