Feeling peace beyond Ramadan

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As this year’s Ramadan comes to a close, we wish that you have had a blessed month and that you have recharged your spiritual batteries for the next 11 months.

Take a moment to reflect. Are there any good habits you have developed this Ramadan? You may have attended the Masjid more frequently or stood in supplication during the night prayer. Perhaps you have developed a relationship with the Qur’an.

During this blessed month, our Iman is at an all-time high leading us to engage in greater acts of worship.  Amongst the signs of an accepted Ramadan is that our life changes for the better and we pray that we can all continue with this positive momentum.

So, what is the practical solution? 

Do more than what you did before Ramadan (even if it is by a little) to continue feeling the peace that you have been feeling during this blessed month that we call Ramadan.

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