HMC Launches Consultation to Review the Supply of HMC Certified Fresh Meat/Poultry Products

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HMC since its inception has implemented a robust track and trace system whereby from the point of slaughter a trained HMC personnel ensures that the HMC standards are followed in real time which in turn gives confidence that the products being supplied, purchased are genuinely Halal.

Over the years, HMC has noticed that the demand for HMC certified products has increased and also this has resulted in many wholesalers entering the market to make supply of HMC certified products. As all HMC certified products are sealed and carry HMC‘s certification mark allowing for HMC to trace every product back through the supply chain to its origination, we have allowed for unregistered third-parties to sell HMC certified products into the supply chain.

Due to the increased complexities within the supply chain as well as to be able to control the entry and exit points of the products, HMC is reviewing the current set up of how HMC certified products are sold to HMC certified retail stores and producers. We are therefore consulting with our members to implement a system whereby only registered organisations can supply HMC certified products within the HMC supply chain.

We aim to conclude this consultation with our members in the coming weeks and we will communicate directly with all stakeholders and report our findings.

We would like to thank the entire community and our members for their continued support and we have every faith that all stakeholders will continue to support HMC’s Halal campaign.


HMC is the UK’s largest Halal certifying body, employing over 220 people. Last month alone, HMC staff spent 12,000 hours to ensure your food is genuinely Halal with 13,000, visits made to outlets nationwide. It is a registered charity and also a not for profit organisation. It is overseen by a voluntary body, the National Executive Committee that consists of mainly scholars who are the Trustees of the organisation. HMC has been set up to work in the favour of all Muslims and the consumer at large. HMC aims to regulate and at every point inspect Halal products from source to the consumer. HMC is committed to serving the Muslims and the wider community and it intends to provide peace of mind and security where required.

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