Muslims allowed to continue religious slaughter

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Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), which is a Government body, has issued its NEWS RELEASE on the 8th March 2005 titled:


In this response, the Animal Welfare minister, Mr Ben Bradshaw, has stated:

“the Government has maintained its position in not accepting FAWC’s recommendation that slaughter without prior stunning should be banned!”

He  also said:

the Government respected the rights of communities in Britain to slaughter animals in accordance with the requirements of their religion”

And in his response to Recommendation 201 he said:

“the Government does not intend to ban the slaughter of animals without prior stunning by religious groups.. the Government is committed to respect the rights of religious groups (Jewish and Muslims)…”

We like here, on behalf of the British Muslims, to thank the Minister/Government and DEFRA for their understanding  and acceptance of our religious rights and needs in animal slaughter/DHABH, without the use of any stunning technique, and  as in the present British  law now.

However, we like to confirm again that, the religious method/without stunning, is the only HUMANE method which was prescribed by GOD.. and was implemented by all prophets of GOD: Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad, the final prophet (peace be upon them) as a mercy to man and to animals!

Not only that, but it does give us also the most healthy type of meat, as proved by the new medical sciences.

We like to appeal to the Minister and to DEFRA, to reconsider:

this  Divine humane method for all animal slaughter in Britain, and to STOP all stunning techniques, for the welfare of the animals and for the Health of our nation!

We, also like to appeal to all the Muslims involved in animal slaughter/”HALAL”, to stick to prophet Muhammad’s way in animal slaughter/DHABH, and without any type of stunning/torture techniques, especially when the law of the land allows us to do that.

Unfortunately, we have to admit that, the majority of the so called: “HALAL MEAT” “HALAL FOOD” which are sold to the Muslims today ARE NOT HALAL BUT “HARAM”!

And those “Muslims” involved in this “HARAM” business, are Betraying Sayyidna Muhammad, peace be upon him, cheating their own Muslim community, inflicting a lot of cruelty on animals and feeding our innocent children/community: “HARAM” unhealthy meat!!!!

Here is a list of some Websites which expose the harms, the Harams and the cruelties inflicted on the innocent animals when stunning is used:

Another neglected issue by the Muslims, is important to emphasize:

TO FEED/GROW the ANIMALS before doing any halal  slaughter: on natural diet/organic (grass and plants, as mentioned in the Qur’an):  And to avoid completely animal proteins Genetically modified feed and  all hormones, antibiotics and chemicals, in order to have TAYYIB meat (natural, pure, wholesome, healthy  safe and blessed…)

Time has come to put our house in order, especially in Halal meat and Food!

For any enquiry, please contact me on: 07944 240 622

(I am available for interview).

Dr A. Majid Katme
Muslim Spokesman on Halal meat and Food/Islamic Medical Association

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