HMC would like to clarify it’s position with regards to passing comment on butchers, fast food outlets, restaurants, slaughterhouses, etc. The policy of HMC is not to comment on any of the above other than to say that if it not certified by ourselves and we do not have an inspector monitoring them, then we cannot give our assurance.

Recently there have been e-mails circulating the electronic media that has alleged certain comments made by HMC about Nando’s and Freemans abattoir. We have no knowledge of the source of the original e-mail and must let it be known that the Head Office never received this correspondence first hand and was never given the opportunity to reply officially.

HMC has strict criteria and part of that criteria is that no stunning of the animal before Dhabh takes place and Freemans operates a policy of administering a low voltage, high frequency stun prior to slaughter, a fact freely admitted by Nandos themselves.

With regards to the issue of the stunning of animals before Dhabh please see the Issue of Stunning section on this website. You may also consider listening to Dr Abdul Majid Khatme’s audio  or  reading his articles which may be searched on the web, you may find these highly informative:

Dr Abdul Majid Katme Audio – The Prophet Muhammad’s (saw) Method of Zabihah’
Dr Abdul Majid Katme Article – ‘Assessment of the Muslim method of slaughter’

We have received many queries in the year 2005 with regards to Nando’s and the answer given always is that we do not pass comment if they are not certified by ourselves. Nando’s themselves also know that it is not our policy to pass comment.

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