Non Meat Products Claim Clarification

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HMC over the past several years has been certifying a number of different non-meat products including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, sweets, drinks, bakery products etc. 

We have noted that many of the certified members make certain claims about their products inclusive of health benefits, permeability of the materials being used in cosmetics and the astonishing effectiveness of the product i.e. kills 99.9% of germs. 

HMC’s responsibility in this instance is to assess that the ingredients being used within the finished products are halal compliant as well as the manufacturing process is free from any anomalies that may cause harm to a product being halal. We therefore do not verify any specific claim being made about the finished product other than the product in question being halal compliant as outlined. 

We request members of the community to verify any other specific claims made by products with experts in that field.

We thank the community for their continued support and we hope that we can continue to provide further confidence in the halal sector.

Should you require any further clarity please email

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