Press Release Re: Distribution of Anonymous Flyers

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Re: Distribution of Anonymous Flyers 

The Halal Monitoring Committee has been made aware of leaflets being distributed with false allegations about HMC.

We have seen the leaflet and we can confirm that none of the allegations about HMC are true. Unfortunately, as you may have noticed, the people behind the leaflets have not left their name or number, nor have they contacted the HMC office to verify the facts.

HMC Is Growing

Through the Grace of the Almighty, our list of applications is increasing as more and more people realise the importance of buying and eating Halal.

HMC continues to grow in strength with strong support primarily from you, our valued suppliers and outlets, and from the Ulama and the general public. Month on month HMC continues to hold events around the country to raise awareness of Halal in the UK. The issues surrounding the protection of Halal are too important for us to be distracted.

HMC – Our Unique Monitoring System

HMC’s unique monitoring and inspection system is not matched by any other Halal organisation in the UK, with a continuous chain of inspection from the slaughterhouse through to the outlets.

This has brought great confidence for the consumer and as has been recently highlighted in the most comprehensive Halal report to be done in the UK, commissioned by EBLEX, HMC is now the most trusted Halal certifying organisation in the UK according to Muslim consumers.

HMC is part of the Muslim Working Group at the Food Standards Agency and part of the EBLEX Halal steering committee. HMC will continue to work on behalf of you and the Muslim community and we would welcome any comments and suggestions to further improve our services.

For further information or if you have any questions please contact Nadeem Adam on 0844 846 0340 or email

Facts about HMC*:

  • HMC currently employs over 130 people to carry out its monitoring, inspection and certification functions
  • HMC is registered as a charity with the Charities Commission, UK
  • HMC has 14 National Executive Committee members from throughout the UK, majority of whom are scholars
  • The National Executive Committee members are not paid for any work as Trustees of the organisation
  • The National Executive Committee members are not owners or shareholders of any meat or poultry related business that would conflict with certification
  • The National Executive Committee members do not request and are not paid for their travel or phone calls related to work as Trustees of the organisation
  • HMC is supported by a network of Local Area Groups (LAGS) who number a total of over 150 volunteers in various towns and cites up and down the country
  • HMC has over 400 certified outlets and growing daily
  • The costs of HMC per chicken to the abattoir on an average taken from the invoices across all the abattoirs that HMC works with, is approx. 2p per chicken
  • The costs of HMC per lamb to the abattoir on an average taken from the invoices across all the abattoirs that HMC works with, is less than 2p per kilo

*Figures correct at the time of press release – 17th December 2010

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