Statement Issued Ref: Eid Day Qurbani

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Beware! False claims of Qurbani again!

It is with sadness we report that a small number of Butchers in the north of England have sold meat from previous night and claimed it to be Qurbani*. HMC has devised a special tagging system for Qurbani day enabling it to quickly identify Qurbani Meat. As a consequence this issue has come to light and the false claims being made have been identified. There is some confusion as butchers and slaughter houses are making counter claims and the matter is under investigation with the parties concerned. For HMC Qurbani production all meat will carry a red HMC logo. HMC continues its fight for true Halal, may Allah protect us all from deceit and keep us on the path of truth, Ameen

Remember for your assurance; ask to see the red HMC stamp before the meat is cut!  Demand a replacement within the three days of Qurbani if not! [*The animal must be slaughtered after Eid Salah for it to be considered as ‘Qurbani / Udhiyyah’].

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