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“He who deceives us is not amongst us.” Hadith-Muslim.

Beware! Some in the trade are falsely claiming or trying to create an impression to be associated or approved by HMC. Indeed you must have come across outlets displaying things such as HMC labels, tags, tapes etc. and statements like ‘We sell HMC certified meat and poultry’, or ‘All our products are supplied by HMC’, while not being HMC certified or approved. This is clear deception and HMC absolves it self of any involvement with retailers not displaying our certificate bearing the HMC certification mark.

Please also note that HMC is only a certifying body and not a supplier that supplies meat or poultry. We would like to send a message to those trying to deceive the Muslims that they must fear the Almighty Allah. You might be able to deceive the Public but never the All-Knower All-seer.

Once again, remember, you must look out for the HMC certificates for your assurance of HMC certified products. At places where the local outlets are not yet being monitored, customers must look out for HMC certification label/stamp bearing the certification mark on each individual bird/carcass.

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