HMC certified outlets reach 400

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Alhamdulillah, the total number of HMC certified outlets has now reached 400. The 400th outlet to be HMC certified is Lahore Tikka Masala, N W London.
HMC congratulated ‘Lahore Tikka Masala’ proprietor Mr Zeeshan Arshad who said he was very pleased and commented further;
”I joined HMC so that I know I am serving proper Halal to my customers, as this is a major part of our religion. I myself do not go to restaurants that are not HMC certified and believe that if I would not eat it myself, how can I serve it to my customers? I am not expecting anything from being HMC certified, other than to give my customers the reasurrance that what they are eating is definitely Halal”

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