Qurbani Report: HMC Safeguarding Consumers again this Eid

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The first two days of Qurbani this year has been the busiest period for many Halal slaughter houses on record. Most operated with double staff and extended hours to meet the significant demands for lamb and beef as part of celebrations associated with the religious festival of Eid-ul-Adha.

HMC and its red meat slaughter houses together saw output of over 30,000 lamb, sheep and cows in the UK in the first two days of Eid.  HMC inspectors worked around the clock to help ensure that important religious obligations were met during this important time.

Alhamdulillah, HMC intercepted and rejected void Qurbani meat protecting Muslim consumers that otherwise would have entered the halal supply chain. HMC explains in more detail….

HMC helps The Muslim Community fulfil Qurbani Obligations

HMC was pleased with the accountability and responsibility taken by the majority of slaughterhouses and outlets this year.  The level of awareness of ‘fake Qurbani’ was high given the recent publicity and awareness programmes of the HMC.  Consumers too have continued to be more aware and demanding of their suppliers to ensure that critical religious obligations were actually met.

Haji Siddik, Operations Manager at HMC said,” our inspectors and monitors were out in full during the days of Qurbani, working extra shifts and hours, giving up their time with family so that the Muslim Community can have assurance of Qurbani Meat”.  May Allah reward them for this important sacrifice beyond what is considered work (Ameen).

During inspection and monitoring HMC intercepted issues at plants and shops:

1. HMC rejected cattle presented for Qurbani at one of the plants because the animals were underage and failed to meet the Shariah requirements for Qurbani. 

Once again this year, HMC inspectors intercepted and rejected animals because of Shariah requirements of age which if ignored would make the Qurbani void.  Haji Siddik explains “that this (intercept) was only possible as HMC is the only certifier that has independent inspectors present to check critical steps of the Qurbani process”.

2. Non-Qurbani Meat Attempted to be Sold as Qurbani.

HMC intercepted meat at a butchers that was delivered early on the first day of Eid. The meat did not contain the ‘special Qurbani ink’ used by HMC, although the meat had correct EEC Markings of a known Halal plant.  Haji Siddik explains that normal halal meat slaughtered prior to Eid Prayers does not meet the requirements of Qurbani.  Over 40 carcasses were rejected from a Midlands Butcher (also resulting in the loss of outlet certification).

3. A number of plant slaughter men refused to dedicate animals to specific allocated individuals.  HMC inspectors stopped production at a plant while it re-explained the importance of this obligation that was agreed with the plant ahead of Eid.  Production was successfully re-established.

Success of the HMC Assurance Programme

The Qurbani assurance programme has always been a crucial part of the overall certification programme of HMC and we are grateful to all the plants and inspectors for ensuring the smooth running of the Qurbani certification.  

Muslims in the UK expect the highest standards of companies and individuals that it has selected to discharge important religious obligations.  HMC continue to work with the industry to improve the standards of Qurbani compliance on behalf of the Muslim community.

HMC asks Allah to accept its efforts and of all those who supported the programme.

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