Senior Mufti of India congratulates HMC

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Senior Mufti of India congratulates HMC

One of the most senior Muftis from the Indian sub-continent, Mufti Muhammad Salman Mansoorpuri visited HMC head office in Leicester on 11th September 2012. Mufti Salman heard first hand the effort of HMC in helping the Muslim community eat halal. He expressed great pleasure on hearing about the 140+ staff employed around the country visiting numerous plants, processing plants and outlets and saw the different devices, labels, ties, and stamps that are used to identify certified products.

Mufti Salman commented, “The Halal Monitoring Committee is working with great diligence for the Muslims of the UK in certifying Halal meat, poultry and other products…I am really pleased with the work. This is a great service to the deen and I pray Allah Almighty grant more success to the organisation and protect it from all types of evil.”

Moulana Suleman from HMC said, “It was a great honour in hosting such an eminent senior scholar from India and his words of encouragement and support are a testament to the hard work carried out by the many committed workers and supporters all over the UK.”

HMC thanked Mufti Salman for his visit and his encouraging words and wished him well on the rest of his tour of the UK.

Mufti Muhammad Salman Mansoorpuri is a senior teacher of hadith and Mufti of Madrasah Shahi in Muradabad, India. He is regarded as one of the senior Muftis of the current era and is highly respected and acclaimed amongst the scholars internationally. Mufti Salman is often likened by his contemporaries to pious elders of the past in his disposition and piety. He is the author and compiler of many books on various Islamic topics.

HMC is the largest certification body in the United Kingdom with 550+ restaurants and butchers and 80 production plants that are inspected on a daily basis by HMC.
HMC has become the most trusted halal certifying organisation for the Muslim community – ensuring that the meat they eat is genuinely Halal!
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