HMC Delegation returns with assurances from Saudi Chief

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***Press Release***

HMC Delegation returns with assurances from Saudi Chief

HMC Chairman Shaykh Yunus Dudhwala returned from Saudi Arabia today after attending the inaugural International Conference on Halal Food Control held in Riyadh.

Prince Sattam, Governor of Riyadh inaugurated the conference and a related exhibition in the Saudi capital on Sunday 12th February. The first ever such programme held under the auspices of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah was organized by the Saudi Food and Drug Authority(SFDA).

The two days were extremely busy with expert presentations from many international speakers in two separate conference halls.

Mufti Sarfraz Mohammed, HMC Shariah Advisor was invited as one of the international speakers and presented a paper in the main conference hall on the difference of opinion on gelatine derived from porcine. The interest from the audience was apparent as he fielded all the questions from the floor during the session.

Dr.Hamad Abdulrahman Al Kanhal, Scientific Committee Chairman and Executive Director of the Saudi Food & Drug Authority commented; “Your participation has considerably contributed to the success of this event and to the ideal projection of an issue as significant as Halal food control.”

Mufti Sarfraz was presented with a plaque to thank him for his efforts and presentation.

Presenting his report to the HMC Executive Committee, Shaykh Yunus said; “This was a very important conference for the Muslim community around the world and we congratulate the Saudi Drug and Food Authority for an outstanding conference and wonderful hospitality.”

The final session on Tuesday was a core part of the conference discussing and supporting the Prophetic method of slaughter. After the presentations, the most passionate contribution from the floor came from Shaykh Yunus where he urged the Saudi authorities to act upon what was said; “We thank you for this wonderful conference and especially for the presentations in the final session. We at HMC have been supporting the Muslim community through certification of true dhabiha for nearly 10 years and have been committed to the true Prophetic method in our standards from the outset. Muslims in the UK and EU are under increasing pressure from governments trying to ban the Prophetic method of slaughter and it is good to hear the presentations from the speakers, however it is time the Saudi Authorities ensured that the imports coming into the Kingdom are of the same standards presented here. We need your actions on the ground to support us under increasing pressure from the EU.”

In response to this impassioned plea, Dr Mohamed Al-Kanhal, Chief Executive Officer, Saudi Food and Drug Authority, acknowledged the comments by Shaykh Yunus and pledged his support in his closing remarks saying; “We have heard the plea of our brother from the UK, and we understand your dilemma and we will not abandon you.”

After closing the conference, Dr Al-Kanhal met Shaykh Yunus and reiterated his support for HMC in adopting the prophetic method of Halal.

Shaykh Yunus stated; “This assurance and support from the Saudi Chief is of great importance to us and the Muslim community in general and we hope this will help us in our efforts to safeguard our right to practice our faith in our dietary laws.”

There was plenty of time for the International delegates to share ideas, thoughts and systems to help the Muslim community around the world overcome issues in Halal.

Shaykh Yunus held constructive meetings with Halal representatives from South Africa, Kuwait, Egypt, America, Germany, France, and Russia.

About HMC

HMC was established in 2003 out of a few individuals’ concern that the food that was being consumed, marked as ‘Halal’, may in fact not be. After research into the origins of meat and products conducted by the individuals, it quickly emerged that there was much need for alarm as many products did not meet the basic criterion of Halal but sold as such by many unknowingly.  This was the seed that led to the formation of HMC.

Today HMC is an independent, not for profit, charity registered organisation operating in over 30 town and cities from Scotland to the far South.  HMC now employs over 145 staff, monitors over 45 slaughterhouses and processing plants and has over 500+ outlets nationally which are monitored regularly during the week.

There is no other Halal certifying body in the UK that operates to this size and scale with universally accepted standards for Halal, acceptable to all Muslims.


  • HMC employs over 145+ staff including inspectors and monitors nationally.
  • HMC operates in over 30 towns & cities in the UK nationally on a daily basis.
  • HMC certifies production at over 45 abattoirs and processing plants in the UK and Ireland.
  • Our monitors visit over 510+ shops almost daily on a national basis.
  • On a weekly basis over 750+ hours are donated by staff and public free in support of HMC.
  • The elected Executive Board (EC) consists of over 15 volunteers who oversee the operations of HMC, the majority of who are scholars, unpaid and independent of the meat trade.
  • All Things Halal joined HMC in December 2011.
  • HMC membership is varied and includes people from diverse Muslim backgrounds from wide denominations and schools of thought.
  • HMC is supported by a network of Local Area Groups (LAGS) throughout the country who number a total of over 150 volunteers in 30 towns and cities in the UK.
  • HMC has grown by over 110% year on year – a signal of its support.
  • The HMC brand has the highest brand recognition and is the most trusted brand in the Halal market.
  • The HMC system costs the industry on average less than 2p per chicken or 2p per kilo for meat.

All to bring you Halal to your door step with confidence!

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