HMC at Discover Islam Week in the University of Birmingham

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On the 6th to the 8th of February, the Halal Monitoring Committee had the privilege to exhibit during the Discover Islam Week in the University of Birmingham.

The university organised lectures and food for the students around the campus in large marquees in front of its renowned clock tower (the world’s tallest freestanding clock tower), nick named Old Joe, after the first Chancellor Joseph Chamberlain.

What is Discover Islam Week?

Discover Islam Week, including the informative and cultural exhibitions on display, is the ideal stepping stone for the public to have an insight into the religion of Islam. With live Qur’an recitations and prayer sessions, people from all walks of life can witness the Islamic faith as well as ask any questions they might have.

What were HMC doing there?

This year, the Discover Islam Week was attended by hundreds of Muslim students and so it was only right to be present to educate them on the importance of Halal. We spoke about who we are, what we do and how they can find their nearest HMC outlet using our online outlet finder. We also spoke about how they can get involved by volunteering at our upcoming public events. It was wonderful to see such huge interest from the students and we were delighted with the outcome.

We’d like to thank the University of Birmingham and the students and staff for having us at the Discover Islam Week. We look forward to being there again next year!


HMC is the UK’s largest Halal certifying body, employing over 220 people and certifying over 900 retail shops. HMC currently certify 73 schools. It is a registered charity and also a not for profit organisation.  It is overseen by a voluntary body, the National Executive Committee that consists of mainly scholars.  HMC spends over 20,000 hours each month monitoring and inspecting the supply chain of Halal foods.


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