HMC exhibits at the Paris Expo 2006

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Alhamdulillah, by the grace of ‘The Almighty’ for the second year running HMC was invited by the organisers to exhibit at the Paris Expo 2006. May ‘The Almighty’ bless and guide all the sponsors who made it possible for HMC to attend and further the continental activities in serving the Ummah.

This years event had a very positive outcome with great interest shown by many representatives from various countries in the work carried out by HMC, attracting approximately 550 visitors over the two days including numerous reputable international organisations, for example:

  • Australia Halal Trade Expo – Inviting HMC to make a presentation and exhibit at their Halal Expo 2006 in September this year.
  • The Muslim Belgium Council (BMC) commissioned to draw up a description of the Halal Standard.
  • Executive representative of the Reunion Muslims.
  • French Slaughterhouses, processors and manufacturers of various products.
  • Germany Manufacturers of processed products.
  • Holland frozen products processors etc.
  • Italy manufactures requiring certified Halal toppings for manufacturers who supply schools, prisons etc.
  • Malaysian representatives of MIHAS.
  • Various UK representatives from slaughterhouses, cutting plants and processors.

HMC’s presence was welcomed at the Expo, actively contributing by:-

  • Attending a special meeting of all the various certification bodies represented at the Expo to establish an internationally recognised Halal standard.
  • Inviting the certification bodies to adopt the same standards in conjunction with the Qur’an and Sunnah.
  • Having Arabic, French, Urdu and English speaking representatives present.
  • Having a HMC approved Babies food manufacturer at hand exhibiting their products which will be widely available in the European market very soon Insha’Allah.

Alhumdulillah it gave us great pleasure and encouragement to see the fruits of the efforts of the HMC team when we were treated to lunch in Paris made from HMC certified products. All this has become possible with the help of the Almighty and the support of people like you who have strived to make HMC a successful charitable organisation in facilitating genuine Halal for the Ummah.

We at HMC request you to pray for the success of HMC and that the Almighty makes HMC a means of our success in both worlds. Ameen

Abou Leila (HMC)

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