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HMC Response to Recent Allegations Circulating on the Net.
HMC has a policy not to respond to emails or allegations sent anonymously or distributed over the net for the purposes of discrediting HMC. Where genuine concerns exist we would be delighted to meet with and review specific comments and concerns so that we investigate and take appropriate actions if necessary.  Our Offices and communications office is open during normal business hours Monday to Friday.
HMC is committed to one concern, to provide assurance that consumers have a choice to eat genuine Halal and not because it is claimed to be Halal. Since inception in 2003 HMC has demonstrated its ability in overseeing the slaughter and associated processes and further ensuring that the product arriving at its final destination is intact.
Five years on, HMC is an established and recognized organization that has no motive other than to establish authentic Halal products and in so doing secure the future of our communities and children.
Transparency is key to HMC and it has widely announced that individuals, groups or Organisation are welcome to witness any of its operations and to satisfy any concern. To date, several organizations have done this and satisfied themselves and subsequently become advocates and supporters.

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