Application Forms – To become registered with HMC

Companies seeking HMC certification should complete the relevant online application form below. A confirmation e-mail will be sent upon the successful completion of the application along with a receipt for the application fee.

We would strongly advise that you download and read the application process guide for Butchers, Restaurants/Takeaways, and Caterers (see link below) carefully and familiarise yourself first with all the relevant information contained within.

Please click here for your HMC Application Process Guidebook

•    Shop – (Butcher/Restaurants & Takeaway/Caterers) –  Online Application Form (you can also speed up your application by sending us two forms of ID and your bank details)

•   Accreditation for Schools – Online Application Form

•   Schools – Application and Accreditation Process

•   Abattoirs/Slaughterhouse – Online Application Form

•   Cutting & Processing Plants – Online Application Form

•   Non-Meat and Other Products – Online Application Form

Change of business name and/or business address

If your circumstances have changed and you have changed your business name or address please let HMC know using the link provided here. This method is convenient, quick and easy, safe & secure and you will receive an immediate acknowledgement.