Non meat products and consumables

The Halal Monitoring Committee (HMC) provides certification across a wide range of consumables that can then be used with confidence by Muslims following a Halal lifestyle. Certification is therefore not limited to meat products alone, but can also encompass product lines as diverse as other food and drinks, oils, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and more.

HMC has developed its certification process so that it can be incorporated into your existing product and manufacturing systems. If you are considering Halal Certification for your product/s you need to be sure that your products and processes meet, or can be adapted to meet, all of the HMC requirements. For more information please see the link below to the ‘Guide to Certification’;

Guide to Certification for Food & Non-food Consumables

If you wish to apply for HMC certification please complete the online application form below;

Non Meat Products Application Form

If you have products that are currently certified by HMC and your annual certificate is due for renewal then please complete the renewal form below;

Non Meat Products Renewal Form