This issue discusses Halal Slaughter, Practices Exposed (Part 1), The Fiqh of Food (Part 4), HMC Visit the Shechita Board […]
Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), which is a Government body, has issued its NEWS RELEASE on the […]
Through the infinite mercy of the Almighty, we are pleased to announce the opening of the Luton branch of the […]
This issue discusses the Way of Your Father Ibrahim (AS), Ritual Slaughter Udhiyyah (Qurbani), HMC Holds Their First Halal Seminar […]
Some non-certified outlets are aiming to deceive their customers by putting on display HMC tapes, tags, letters etc. to falsely […]
This issue discusses dunking Chickens in Hot Water After Slaughter The Fiqh of Food (Part 3) Why is Pork Forbidden […]
07 AUGUST 2004 – HMC WEBSITE HAS A NEW-LOOK! Alhamdulillah, the HMC website has a new-look. The new website is […]
This issue discusses the Interests of The Muslim Community, The Fiqh of Food (Part 2), HMC Style Gazebo Chicken and […]
Efforts to Axe Religious Slaughter, Letters of Support From Two Prominent Scholars, and The Fiqh of Food (Part 1) and […]
Welcome to The First Issue & HMC Update The Issue of Stunning The Animal Before Slaying (Dhabh) Frequently Asked Questions, […]